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Björn van Roozendaal van COC Nederland deed verslag van de Constructive Dialogue met het Cedaw-Comité. Het is mooi om te lezen dat dankzij het VN-Vrouwenverdrag Schaduwproces de resultaten van ons onderzoek op mondiaal niveau aanleiding voor discussie vormen.

“In the preparation phase we discussed with the Dutch government that it would strategically be important for LBT issues to be part of the interactive dialogue (since NL prioritizes LGBT rights within its foreign policies they wholeheartedly agreed with this). Hence the Netherlands referred to the situation of lesbian women in its opening statement, saying that they’re more vulnerable to health problems due to lack of visibility in society. […]

During the interactive dialogue the Brazilian member Sylvia Pimentel raised three questions. She asked what measures NL takes to improve the health of lesbian women; whether there are measures taken to reverse the policies in forced sterilization and breast implants. In the response it became clear that NL hadn’t done it’s homework very good here. On the health question the Minister answered that lesbian bisexual and transgender women get many attention and that NL together with NGO’s works to improve their position.”

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